Hengyuan products can be purchased directly from us, or through our network of dealers. A full list of these locations can be found on our website.

All Hengyuan products are covered by a limited quality warranty. This applies to material and workmanship defects, including surface flaws, pre-existing rust, and other defects in the course of normal use. Hengyuan is not responsible for any damage caused by improper use, improper cleaning or wear and tear caused by old age. Additionally, we will not cover damage resulting from non-compliance with our toilet cover care instructions.

Our toilet seat and cover products are covered by a 2 year warranty, while our hinges are covered with a 1 year warranty.

Our warranty service is generally handled by the retailer who sold you the Hengyuan product. If this is not possible, you can contact us via email at:, or via our sales hotline.

We recommend you use dishwashing detergent and water, or our special toilet cover cleaning agent to wash the cover. After doing so, rinse and dry the product completely. If working with a wooden product, use only a mild detergent to prevent damage to the wood grain.

i) Do not expose to direct sunlight, a nearby heat source or smoke, so as to prevent discoloration. ii) Mount the toilet seat cover on the back of the toilet, so as to prevent the cover breaking from over-extension. iii) Open and close your toilet seat gently, otherwise, you may cause fractures or scratches in the product. iv) Take care to prevent your hinges from rusting. Avoid using cleaning products which have a high or low pH. v) Do not allow the toilet seat cover to come in contact with any abrasive chemicals (such as nail polish and aftershave), as they may damage the surface.